Saturday, 20 May 2017

A Wash and Brush-up!

Evening Fergals!

Today I went for a groom, this was my first groom at Groomingdales where the lovely Sophia washed and styled me and generally gave me a fab pampering.

Me in the car looking very scruffy. 

Through the gate to Groomingdales, 
Afterwards Muma Bear squealed with delight and told me how handsome I looked.  Sophia had even added a little purple bow to my collar, which Muma Bear loves as purple is her favourite colour.  Muma Bear is going to make a scrapbook page of me and use it as an embellishment.
Me after my groom, with the talented Sophia. 
Here are a few pics from my day.  Don't forget to visit the Groomingsdales Facebook page where you can see another photo of me and while you are there book in your own pooch.


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Playdate Pals

Greetings Fergals!

A couple of weeks ago my best canine pal Buddy came to play for the day whilst his parents went on a short trip.  We had so much fun, Muma Bear made cheesy biscuits and I gave Buddy his treat I bought him with my vouchers.

Unfortunately we couldn't go for a run over the reserve as it was raining but we did have a quick run in the garden and played fetch in the lounge with Muma Bear.

Muma Bear took a few videos, here is a little montage of our day.

It really was a wooftastic day!