Sunday, 23 April 2017

Super Saturday!

Good Evening Fergals!

Yesterday was fabulous!  First off a visit to my new vet.  I love going to the vets, they are alays really friendly even if they do want to inject me and squirt medicine up my nose! This vet was even nicer than the last one, she gave me a treat after I had all my injections.  Whilst waiting to be seen I met 3 other dogs, and when I came out a man looked like he needed big cuddles.  He was waiting with his kitten.  Muma Bear said I should be careful not to scare the kitten as I was 100 times bigger, but I wasn't interested in the kitten I just wanted to give the man hugs, the man was very nice and seemed to really enjoy being hugged.
Waiting to see the vet.
Then we went off to Bury St Edmunds, I waiting in the car with Papa Bear whilst Muma Bear collected some shopping, and in to Stowmarket where I met lots of people who wanted hugs, and a lady who has 3 Newfs and tried to help Muma Bear convince Papa that I need a brother or sister, heehee!

After that was Needham Market, we all went off for a walk through the high street and then Muma Bear went to the groomers.  Papa Bear and I had an excellent walk around the lake where we met even more dogs and people needing hugs. Unfortunately Papa Bear forgot to take any photos which put him in the dog house with Muma Bear - haha!
Wandering through Needham Market.
Next I was allowed to spend my vouchers in the pet shop.
"These look tasty!" 
There were some very small animals in the shop, so I said hello to them all.

I think maybe some of the shelves need a bit of reorganising.

I bought 4 big sausages style treats (plus one for Buddy - shhhh don't tell, it's a suprise) and a super big bone!

"Please can I have this one Papa Bear."
The lady in the shop was great, she even gave me a treat, and of course there were a few other people in there who need a hug.

"Up at the counter waiting for my treat!"
Saturday was so busy and it's such hard work making sure everyone gets a bit of fuss that I had to spend the rest of the weekend catching up on my sleep!


Extra New News!!!
Very exicting news, my best canine pal Buddy is coming to my house for the day, Muma Bear is looking after him whilst Nannie Bear and Grandi Bear go out for the day, so expect a blog post all about that and lots of photos too.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Feet Up Friyay!

Greetings Fergals!

As a dog I don't really understand days of the week but there is one day that seems to be spoken about a lot by humans, this day is called Friyay!  Humans go on about Friyay, it seems that once one Friyay has gone they can't wait for the next one, so why don't they just make every day Friyay? Friyay's seemed to lead to something called "the weekend" and this gets a lot of humans very excited, sometimes they have "long weekends" which include Moaningday and once a year it includes a Friyay.  All this has been very confusing but what I do know about weekends, long or otherwise, is that we get to spend a lot of time with Papa Bear but I shall share that in another post.

For now here is a short video of me on Feet up Friyay or is Friday??