Saturday, 25 March 2017

A Newf World, Part 1 - Written by Muma Bear

Greetings Fergals!  

As you will see I have decided to restart my blog, I will now link the posts to my Facebook page, so if you want to keep up with my adventures it's best to keep an eye on here and my Facebook, oh and don't forget the Youtube channel too. 

Now, possibly against my better judgement, I have decided to periodically hand over my blog to Muma Bear to write her own posts, she is going to let you know how great it is to live with me and what to expect from sharing your world with a Newf. 

Written by Muma Bear...(All opinions are those of Muma Bear and no responsibility is taken by myself, Fergus or any other Newfoundlands out there.)

Newf pups appear to grow at a similar speed to a cake in the oven or dough being left to prove i.e. approximately 3-5 inches every hour, and I sometimes wondered at what point we would become dwarfed by our Newf! 
Coming Home - March 2013

Newf's are so sweet you just want to sit and hold them forever but they soon grow to the size where they just won't fit in your arms anymore.  Sure, they will fit on your lap but more about that in another post.  

For the first year whenever we had visitors they all become "that relative" that tells you how much you've grown even though she only saw you last week!  In a Newf's case it's true, some days Mr W (otherwise known as Papa Bear) would return home from work and say to Fergus "You look bigger than when I left this morning!"

First Walk April 2013
Everyone you meet on your walk is surprised to find out that your dog is only a few months old, "...but he's huge." they reply.  There isn't much you can say to that, after all it's true.  I did wonder whether Fergus would start to get a complex about being called huge, this is the sort of comment that would send a human spiraling into crash dieting.  

He was of course the biggest puppy at puppy classes and it took a bit of convincing with some people that he wasn't already fully grown.  He had his first set of classes in July 2013 and when we returned for an advanced classes we were met with comments of "Will he grow any bigger?"  "How much does he weigh?"  and "I bet he costs a lot to feed."  These comments still continue when we are out on walks along with lots of others that I will save for another day. 

Eventually your puppy does stop growing but by this time they are able to reach anything and everything, take at least half the sofa and become an excellent trip hazard!  They take up so much space that's like have a small child, only hairy and quieter. May be size is one of the reasons why Newfs become so much a part of the family, along with their lovable nature of course.