Saturday, 2 December 2017

November Round-Up

Greetings Fergals!

I know it has been a while since my last post but I'm back with some photos of my adventures over the last month.

A harsh frost, I'm doing my best Frosty impression! 
Blowing Raspberries at Muma Bear! 

Muma Bear was very excited about my Be Safe Be Seen bandana, me, not so much! 
On the plus side I made Newfie of the Day on Facebook.

A trip to the vets, nothing to worry about. 
Christmas sign bought for me by Nannie and Grandi.
Visit to the Bury St Edmunds Christmas fayre wearing my Christmas bandana.  I had lots of photos and fuss from peoples, it must be my celebrity status! 
Trip to Diss.
Lots of trips in the car, I love riding in the car.
And finally chilling out. 
As you can see it's been a busy month.  Woof! 

Saturday, 9 September 2017

The morning after...

Hello Fergals! 

So last Saturday was Papa Bear's birthday, not a big deal I was thinking, I mean he just gets older and he gets cards and gifts, but that would be much more excitingif I was getting the cards and gifts!

As it turns out I did get a gift.  Hoomans like to drink something called alcohol, my Muma enjoys a small glass of Scotch (apparently it comes all the way from Scotland, seems a long way to go, but Papa usually picks his up from something called a supa market - I'm not sure what's so supa about it.) and Papa Bear drinks something called Beer.  

A few weeks ago they came home from one of the Pet Supa Markets with a bottle and puts it in my cupboard.  For weeks I am spotting it in my treats cupboard just sitting there, I sniffs it a few times and it smells good but it just stays in the cupboard.

Imagine my surprise on Saturday evening when muma asks if I would likes a beer?  Well, I nearly wagged my tail off I can tell you.  

I was even more surprised when she went to my treats cupboard and extracts the bottle, then she makes me pose for silly photo!

Anyhoo it was Wagtastic, it's called Snuffle and I drinks the whole bottle in one sitting.

The next day I is very sleepy because of the excitement from the day before so I doze a lot, which is when Muma Bear took this photo!  

She was so proud of herself, she shows it to Papa Bear and says "Look it's the morning after the night before." and then they both start giggling - haha, very funny - silly hoomans! 


Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Many Poses of Dog

Greetings Fergals! 

Today I wanted to share with you my various Cooling Paws mat poses.   The Bear Parents bought me this awesome cooling mat for the awfully hot weather we have had here in the UK.  It's been way too hot for bears!

Pose 1. Sitting.
Pose 2. What was that noise?

Pose 3. What at you doing?

Pose 4. What was that?

Pose 5. I'm sure I heard something.

Pose 6. Down pose

Pose 7. Chilled.
Pose 8. Very chilled.

Pose 9. Relaxed.

Pose 10. Almost done. 

Pose 11. Snore. 
I hope you have enjoying browsing my poses and perhaps your canine would like a Cooling Paws mat.  I'm sure they will pick up the poses quickly, as you can see they are not difficult.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Poppy Paradise

Greetings Fergals!

For the last two weeks we have been admiring all the perfect poppies around the village and over the reserve, we are truly awash with these pretties.  Every morning I have sent nannie a poppy photograph, they are so stunning I wanted to share a few of them with my lovely followers!

Look at these beauties...
... and these ...

... we even found some on our way to the Post Box, the letters are in my back pack.

Look I'm sniffing the poppies, heehee! 
Woof! x

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Dogtastic Fun!

Greetings Fergals!

We have just come back from a few days away.  The bear parents and grandparents had to go to a Wedding, whatever that is, Buddy and I spent a day at Doggy Day Care, and we even had a sleep over, which was super brilliant!  You can see photos of me and Buddy from our visit to Doggy Day Care on the Animals at Home facebook page.

We also stayed in this very cool cottage with a little yard area which I could happily have spent all day in, and there was a paddock for running in too.

The sofas were very comfy.

I managed to squeeze in a corner in the lounge which nobody thought I would fit in.

Here is Buddy snacking on some yoghurt.  Muma Bear has put this on my list of foods to try.

We visited places that I've never been to before, so there were lots of new smells and it was all very exciting.

In fact it was so exhausting I spent two days just resting when we returned home!

Woof! x

Saturday, 20 May 2017

A Wash and Brush-up!

Evening Fergals!

Today I went for a groom, this was my first groom at Groomingdales where the lovely Sophia washed and styled me and generally gave me a fab pampering.

Me in the car looking very scruffy. 

Through the gate to Groomingdales, 
Afterwards Muma Bear squealed with delight and told me how handsome I looked.  Sophia had even added a little purple bow to my collar, which Muma Bear loves as purple is her favourite colour.  Muma Bear is going to make a scrapbook page of me and use it as an embellishment.
Me after my groom, with the talented Sophia. 
Here are a few pics from my day.  Don't forget to visit the Groomingsdales Facebook page where you can see another photo of me and while you are there book in your own pooch.


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Playdate Pals

Greetings Fergals!

A couple of weeks ago my best canine pal Buddy came to play for the day whilst his parents went on a short trip.  We had so much fun, Muma Bear made cheesy biscuits and I gave Buddy his treat I bought him with my vouchers.

Unfortunately we couldn't go for a run over the reserve as it was raining but we did have a quick run in the garden and played fetch in the lounge with Muma Bear.

Muma Bear took a few videos, here is a little montage of our day.

It really was a wooftastic day!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Super Saturday!

Good Evening Fergals!

Yesterday was fabulous!  First off a visit to my new vet.  I love going to the vets, they are alays really friendly even if they do want to inject me and squirt medicine up my nose! This vet was even nicer than the last one, she gave me a treat after I had all my injections.  Whilst waiting to be seen I met 3 other dogs, and when I came out a man looked like he needed big cuddles.  He was waiting with his kitten.  Muma Bear said I should be careful not to scare the kitten as I was 100 times bigger, but I wasn't interested in the kitten I just wanted to give the man hugs, the man was very nice and seemed to really enjoy being hugged.
Waiting to see the vet.
Then we went off to Bury St Edmunds, I waiting in the car with Papa Bear whilst Muma Bear collected some shopping, and in to Stowmarket where I met lots of people who wanted hugs, and a lady who has 3 Newfs and tried to help Muma Bear convince Papa that I need a brother or sister, heehee!

After that was Needham Market, we all went off for a walk through the high street and then Muma Bear went to the groomers.  Papa Bear and I had an excellent walk around the lake where we met even more dogs and people needing hugs. Unfortunately Papa Bear forgot to take any photos which put him in the dog house with Muma Bear - haha!
Wandering through Needham Market.
Next I was allowed to spend my vouchers in the pet shop.
"These look tasty!" 
There were some very small animals in the shop, so I said hello to them all.

I think maybe some of the shelves need a bit of reorganising.

I bought 4 big sausages style treats (plus one for Buddy - shhhh don't tell, it's a suprise) and a super big bone!

"Please can I have this one Papa Bear."
The lady in the shop was great, she even gave me a treat, and of course there were a few other people in there who need a hug.

"Up at the counter waiting for my treat!"
Saturday was so busy and it's such hard work making sure everyone gets a bit of fuss that I had to spend the rest of the weekend catching up on my sleep!


Extra New News!!!
Very exicting news, my best canine pal Buddy is coming to my house for the day, Muma Bear is looking after him whilst Nannie Bear and Grandi Bear go out for the day, so expect a blog post all about that and lots of photos too.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Feet Up Friyay!

Greetings Fergals!

As a dog I don't really understand days of the week but there is one day that seems to be spoken about a lot by humans, this day is called Friyay!  Humans go on about Friyay, it seems that once one Friyay has gone they can't wait for the next one, so why don't they just make every day Friyay? Friyay's seemed to lead to something called "the weekend" and this gets a lot of humans very excited, sometimes they have "long weekends" which include Moaningday and once a year it includes a Friyay.  All this has been very confusing but what I do know about weekends, long or otherwise, is that we get to spend a lot of time with Papa Bear but I shall share that in another post.

For now here is a short video of me on Feet up Friyay or is Friday??


Saturday, 25 March 2017

A Newf World, Part 1 - Written by Muma Bear

Greetings Fergals!  

As you will see I have decided to restart my blog, I will now link the posts to my Facebook page, so if you want to keep up with my adventures it's best to keep an eye on here and my Facebook, oh and don't forget the Youtube channel too. 

Now, possibly against my better judgement, I have decided to periodically hand over my blog to Muma Bear to write her own posts, she is going to let you know how great it is to live with me and what to expect from sharing your world with a Newf. 

Written by Muma Bear...(All opinions are those of Muma Bear and no responsibility is taken by myself, Fergus or any other Newfoundlands out there.)

Newf pups appear to grow at a similar speed to a cake in the oven or dough being left to prove i.e. approximately 3-5 inches every hour, and I sometimes wondered at what point we would become dwarfed by our Newf! 
Coming Home - March 2013

Newf's are so sweet you just want to sit and hold them forever but they soon grow to the size where they just won't fit in your arms anymore.  Sure, they will fit on your lap but more about that in another post.  

For the first year whenever we had visitors they all become "that relative" that tells you how much you've grown even though she only saw you last week!  In a Newf's case it's true, some days Mr W (otherwise known as Papa Bear) would return home from work and say to Fergus "You look bigger than when I left this morning!"

First Walk April 2013
Everyone you meet on your walk is surprised to find out that your dog is only a few months old, "...but he's huge." they reply.  There isn't much you can say to that, after all it's true.  I did wonder whether Fergus would start to get a complex about being called huge, this is the sort of comment that would send a human spiraling into crash dieting.  

He was of course the biggest puppy at puppy classes and it took a bit of convincing with some people that he wasn't already fully grown.  He had his first set of classes in July 2013 and when we returned for an advanced classes we were met with comments of "Will he grow any bigger?"  "How much does he weigh?"  and "I bet he costs a lot to feed."  These comments still continue when we are out on walks along with lots of others that I will save for another day. 

Eventually your puppy does stop growing but by this time they are able to reach anything and everything, take at least half the sofa and become an excellent trip hazard!  They take up so much space that's like have a small child, only hairy and quieter. May be size is one of the reasons why Newfs become so much a part of the family, along with their lovable nature of course.