Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Splashing About!

Howdy Fergals!

I expect you are all wondering where I have been, well during the heady days of summer I was mostly hiding from the sun, furry coats and hot weather just don't go together!  The mistress and I would go for a wander in the very early morning and then hide in the shade for the rest of the day, me panting and the mistress grumbling that it was too hot and how she wished Autumn would roll o.

I must say how pleased we all are that Autumn has finally arrived, it's a favourite in the 'bear' household. 

One day in September I had a cool down with a lovely paddle in the river at Thetford, here are some photos of me getting a little soggy!

Just cooling my paws off.

Hey, let's go over here, it's a bit deeper.
Almost a full soaking!