Friday, 3 January 2014

When can I do this...

Hello Fergals

Two posts in one day you are a lucky group of Fergals!  Just before Christmas my canine friend Buddy and I took the humans to Elveden Forest to see some Newfies at work.  I am dreaming of doing this one day...but I need to be a bit older and have a bit of training first but I'm sure I will be a natural!

It looks like lots of fun but obviously quite hard work as a few were taking part in a Newf's favourite past time, taking a nap!


Humans and Hats

Hi Fergals

I wanted to share a couple of photos related to this Christmas malarkey!  It seems ok to me, tasty food, presents, lots of hugs, visitors and outings but what is it with the silly headwear?  Anyway it has made me famous again as one of these photos was shown on TV...what can I say I'm a star in the making!!!  It was all quite exhausting and on New Year's Eve I crashed out on the fireplace, although I had to share MY space with two bears!

Reindeer Antlers or Santa Hat...I'll sleep on it!
I hope you had a great Christmas and have lots of nice plans for 2014.  The mistress keeps saying something about Snow... there was white on the ground this morning but apparently this was hail and not as much fun but it did taste good!

Don't forget to keep up with my posts this year, January and February are set to be particularly exciting for me!