Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A time to rest...

I'm sure many Fergals will agree sometimes you just need to chill out, it's certainly one of my favourite past times, so sit back, relax and enjoy my photos of me not doing very much at all!
 There's always time for a little 'down time' even on a walk!
 Sometimes you just have to kick back your heels.
Resting at my pal's house.
No wonder the humans sleep in here!
Yes, it is comfortable actually!
Even my mistress sits still...sometimes!


Greetings Fergals

This is me looking a little windswept on my new outdoor lead!  This photo was taken in the garden but the lead is mainly for when we go out and about on something called 'picnics'.  These apparently happen when the sun shines (approximately twice a year), and I believe it entails a mad 'hunter gather' dash for cold foods, the grabbing of a blanket and piling into the car to drive to a nice outdoor spot to eat.  Come on sunshine we're waiting!

Finally I was able to go for my first walk outside of the garden, wow!  There were so many new sights and sounds and lots of sniffing to be done.

I'm only allowed short walks as I'm still growing, albeit quickly, but I've been to lots of different places and met lots of different people and canines. 
I've had Buddy walks, ...
  rainy walks, ...
 sunny walks, ...
countryside walks,...
town walks, ...
but my favourite walk...
is around the best pet shop in the UK!  Woof!

Fun and Games

Apologies for not having posted for a while but on the plus side I have lots to share my fabulous Fergals!

One of my favourite toys is my tug-o-jug, it's filled with my lunch or dinner, or sometimes with my favourite treats and makes mealtimes more interesting, and apparently slows me down as sometimes I eat a bit too fast, I can't help it mealtimes our one of my favourite times of day!  It took me a while to work it out but with practice I've become quite clever at it.

I can see the food, hear the food and smell the food now I just need to work out how to get at the food!

This is another one of my new toys (bought for me by a new human pal), here I am sharing it with my best canine pal Buddy.

Here is one of my new human friends with my mistress, spooky how similar they look don't you think?
A Kong filled with puppy meat - nothing can distract me from this!

My big blue ball, although it's not quite so big anymore in fact it's a little flat.  I'm not sure how that happened!

OK so this is not my toy, but my master seems to enjoy playing with it and I didn't see why I shouldn't join in!