Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hi Fergals

I've decided to treat you to a second post this week!
This weekend I made some new friends which including two more humans, a little human and a canine pal!  This is Buddy my first canine friend. We spent the afternoon getting to know each other and playing in the garden.  We going to meet again really soon, I'm so looking forward to it. 
'Finally someone who understands
what I'm saying!'
'What do mean, one day he'll be
bigger than me!'

'If you'd like to follow me.'
'Nope, been there, smelt that.'

'Hugs all round!'

'Bear hug!'


A visit to Scampers pet shop, the vet and a home all to myself!

 Hey Fergals!

I have a lot of news to tell you so I'll get straight to it.
'Excellent choice humans!'
Last weekend I was taken by my humans to Scampers at Soham, Suffolk which is a really big pet shop, it was great.  I think it will be even more fun once I can walk around by myself (not long now) and not be carried by my master.  I was lucky enough be bought some toys my favourite being the Beaver bum which squeaks and the tail makes a crinkly sound.

'An awesome shop for any canine.'

It's a good job I'm a great traveller as there was also another trip to the Vets!  We didn't have to wait quite so long this time but I still got my own seat.   I had my second jab and in two weeks time I can go for my first walk - yippee!  My humans seem quite pleased about this too.  I now have my own unique barcode too, wouldn't want my humans forgetting I'm with them!  The Vet didn't feel the need to take my temperature this time - phew!  However Fegals all was not as it seemed as instead he squirted some odd mixture up my nose!  I ask you, what is with these Vets, if it's not one orifice it's another!  It's stop me from getting kennel cough but surely there has to be a more pleasant way!

I don't think I've mentioned yet that I also have a new home!  No, not with different humans, I mean my own home in the human's home, very nice it is too.  The purchase of this, crate as the humans call it, was made after the mistress came home at lunchtime, having been at work for the morning, to find I'd had a little accident (when you've got to go you've got to go right!)  Unfortunately I had relieved myself and then graffitied all the mats in the hall with rather stinky footprints!  It's not the canine done thing to relieve one's self in the same area where one sleeps, so now I only relieve myself outside and have a nice comfy, secure place to sleep, eat, drink, play and just generally hang out!  I come and go from my little home as I please unless the humans are out or asleep.

As I said this week has been very busy so I am writing a further post, don't forget to check it out. 
This week I've been spending time with my mistress in her Creative Cave, whilst she writes I sleep, whilst she crafts I sleep, whilst she reads I sleep...well you get the idea.
'It's hard work being a Muse!'