Sunday, 31 March 2013

Snow Day!

Greetings Everyone!

Last weekend I became a real life snow dog!  Since my humans don't have the advantage of a furry coat and padded feet it was time to get the wellies out.

'Allow me to help.'
Once we were all kitted out it was time to enjoy the cold wet white stuff.  It was great, and I'm lucky enough to have humans that adore snow so they had just as much fun as me!

'Follow me!'


It really was very cool in more ways than one. It was quite deep and thick so I had a really good time jumping and leaping about in it, as well as digging!


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fergus' blustery day!

Good Evening Fergals (I hope you like the nickname.)
'My free gift from the Vet.'
Yesterday was a very exciting day, my humans trusted me out into the garden without my lead on!  I can now go out by myself to do my business with my humans standing at the door (making it obvious to all the neighbours what I am up to!).  I also did 5 minutes obedience training in the garden with my humans.  My humans were super pleased with me as I managed to keep focus and wasn't distracted by all the leaves blowing around.  I wanted to share my experience with all my Fergals.

'Here I come...'

'And my mistress tells me
I'm a good boy.'

I'm not sure what my mistress had in mind when I asked her to walk this way...
...but I did forgive her!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Ball Games!

Good day to you all

Yesterday I posted a sneeky peek of me live in action, and today you can see a full video.  My master kindly filmed me having fun with my treat ball with a little help from my mistress.  I also took this opportunity to send a big smile out to all of you who read my posts.

'What do you mean I have to work for the treats?'
Along with some more obedience training for my humans, I experienced some new sights and sounds which included the lawnmower (very noisy - my master seemed to enjoy playing with it but the mistress and I just carried on walking about the garden) and Radio 4, which I quite enjoyed.  It was a nice chatty noise in the background and sent me peacefully off to sleep for an hour or so.

'Let me help, I'm good with socks!'

Yesterday evening my master went to play with a
 ball with a lot of other humans, the mistress and
I stayed at home but I did help him put his football boots on!

Enjoy the video!  Woof!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bonus Post: Sneak Peek!

Friends and Snoozing

Greetings Dog Lovers!

Firstly as promised here is me with my new dolphin chew toy for being so good at the Vets - great isn't it?
'WHO exactly is this?'
Some of you may not know this but I'm not the only furry friend in the house, I share my human companions with a cat called Garfield.  Our friendship has grown at a slow and steady pace. 

We had some companion time yesterday where we were cautious but tolerant of each other.  Unfortunately it's difficult for dogs and cats to communicate mostly be cat's give very confusing signals I just don't understand why you would wag your tag if you were angry, to me I wag when I'm happy, wag, wag, wag, happy, happy, happy, it just kind of works doesn't it.  We both got plenty of attention and affection.

She doesn't seem to want to play and looks at me with something close to contempt, and if I get too close she makes this weird hissing noise! 
One thing we have in common!

My humans when out again yesterday for about an hour, once again I snoozed away the time grateful for the peace and quiet, although I did get a bit of a rude awakening as I was sleeping in from of the door when they returned!  No mail for me again, but I did manage to get hold of the free newspaper, well it did look very much like the paper laid out in the hall to protect from 'accidents'!  Disappointed with my humans this time as they returned with no treats!

There seems to be a lot in this post about sleeping, I admit it is one of my favourite hobbies,  apparently my humans quite enjoy sleep too, trouble is this is at about 6am when I'm ready for breakfast!  This photo shows another one of my favourite places to sleep.  My mistress doesn't mind it keeps her warm.

When I wasn't snoozing I undertook some more obedience training.  My humans are super impressed that I choose them over toys and treats when we do the recall.  I can't understand why they are surprised; toys will come and go, food is in one end out the other but these two, I think they might just be worth holding on to!

That's all for now!  Catch up with today's exiciting events on tomorrow's post. Woof!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My first Newf adventure!

Howdy Hound Lovers!
Over the last few days I've started to discover exactly what is and isn't acceptable; for instance soiling in the house is not considered socially acceptable neither is nibbling on human appendages, but soiling in the garden leads to whoops of delight from both master and mistress and they are most pleased when I spend many happy hours chewing on a toy instead of the leg of the coffee table.  Talking of chew toys, yesterday I received another this time in the shape of a bone.  It took me a while to work out how to position it (it's difficult when you don't have poseable thumbs) so I could have a good chew on it but now I love it.  Sometimes these humans are rather clever, particularly as not only did the master come back with this chew he also come back with delicious smelly treats, which has helped enormously with THEIR 'obedience training'.  I'm not a dog to turn down a snack!

We had a couple of strangers visit the house, they seemed to be fixing things (not broken by me!) but to be honest I wasn't much interested in them, it's not as if they came bearing any gifts, which if I'm honest is a little rude!
'Just five more minutes!'
'Can't hear you.'

'A little privacy please!'
My humans also did a little lead training but I was more interested in experiencing the wet soggy grass and chasing the leaves, but I did enjoy the towel down afterwards!

Returning to the subject of my clever human beings, at the moment my legs are a little too short for me to access the garden so to save my humans from back problems (more on my weight later) the master has made me my very own step.  I feel most privileged.

During the morning I had the house to myself for 10 minutes whilst my humans popped out during the time the post arrived but since there was no fan mail for me I just left on the floor for my humans to pick up, they seemed pleased with that.

'They do WHAT?'
Yesterday drew to a close with a mini adventure - it was time for a visit to the Vet!

There were lots of other dogs there when we arrived and from the looks on their faces I wasn't sure if this was good place to visit, I squirmed and squeaked a bit but my humans seemed obilivious to my fate!  Then a veteran dog sat opposite me and he didn't look too concerned so I calmed myself down enough for my master to let me have my own seat.

Firstly I went in to see the nurse, she was a lovely lady.  She gave me a once over, chatted to my humans and then weighed me.  I currently weighing in at 8.3kg.  Then after what seemed like forever, even my humans were begining to yawn we went into see the Vet to have my injection - I was very brave and didn't make a sound.  I thought she was lovely too right up until the point she said 'Now I need to take your temperature.'  I shot her a look that said 'No way I've heard how that's done!'  My humans laughed and she replied 'There's no way you can know what that means yet.'  I thought 'Want to bet?' and sat my bottom down firm.  After some coaxing I gave in, but oh the indignity of it!  She did however make up for it by giving me a pawdicure.  Finally this experience was over but I have to go back again in 3 weeks.  Well let me tell you I will be a lot bigger by then and my bottom a lot harder to shift! 

The good new is as because I was so well-behaved (which included no soiling incidents for about two hours) my humans took me to buy a new toy (I will post a photo tomorrow) so it all ended well.   

Thanks for reading - Woof!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Brushing, Beds and Obedience.

Woof!  Greetings Fergus Fans.

So yesterday my humans taught me some exciting tricks, I think they called them obedience commands. Turns out I'm 'smarter than your average dog booboo'!  I mastered 'sit' straightaway, 'down' wasn't far behind and 'come here' was easy afterall I wouldn't want my humans getting lonely!  They seemed very impressed, and easily pleased, I mean who would have thought doing my business outside (most of the time) would get them so exicited!!!!

'Down a bit, left a bit, yep you got it.'

I had a close brush with my master, still better than a close shave I suppose!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Toys, towels and tired out!

Hey me again!
Me with my new chew toy!
I wanted to share some photos of my new toy with you; it's great fun to play with on my own or with my humans.  I've been told it's bad manners to chew hands, clothes, toes, socks (oh I do love socks especially with feet in) so hence the chew toy given to me yesterday!
Me letting my master and mistress play with my new toy. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Homeward Bound

"I'm quite happy to stay here thanks!"
 Welcome to my blog.  I'm Fergus, a 9 week old Newfoundland. This is me having hugs on the way home. I was a bit nervous at first with the world rushing past the window whilst I sat very sit, I expressed this by squeaking, but after a few minutes I decided it was quite exciting and sat up looking out of the window wagging my tail in appreciation. I also enjoyed the hugs and snuggling and could quite happily have stayed there for hours but it was soon time to explore my new home!

"Apparently this is something I'm allowed to chew!"
"So, what's next?"
"OK I'll pose but are you sure this is my best side?" 
"Yawn! Time for a snooze!" 

Monday, 11 March 2013

Coming soon....

The countdown begins...Saturday, 16th March 2013 brings with it the arrival of FERGUS, the blogging Newfoundland puppy!