Thursday, 7 November 2013

It's about ME!!!

I'm famous...again!  If you pick up a copy of the Winter issue of Pet Focus magazine turn to page 12 and you can read The Puppy Diaries (words and photos by my mistress)!  Don't forget to follow Pet Focus on Facebook!  Happy Reading Fergals!


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Training the humans!


As some of you may be aware the humans have been attending training classes with me, well every dog wants well-mannered humans don't they!  There are quite a few photos of the classes so watch this space for a very special look at our evenings of training!  Here are some photos of me playing with the rest of the puppies after all our hard work!



Hi Fergals

I love to run free through the fields and woods taking in all the smells and sounds at my own pace. I do think that maybe my humans are confused as they kept changing direction every time I wander off too far, sometimes they try to hide from me but I always sniff them out!  Anyway it's stopped me wandering away too far after all I wouldn't want them to get lost!

Where are they?

Wait for me!
I'm coming!
Keep up Mistress!
Just in time for hugs!

New Play Mates

Felicitations Fergals

Back in the summertime  I met some new canine pals, I would like to introduce you to Pitch and Jet.  We had so much fun playing rough and tumble in the garden , although we did get in a little bit of trouble for rolling in the flower beds and nearly falling in the pond, oops, sorry!  Fortunately my mistress managed to take some photos even though she was much more absorbed in the beautiful garden, she wanted to stay all day, I could have stayed all day too enjoying playtime!


Jet waits for one of us to fall in the pond!

I win!
By the end of our play session we had learnt to share. Woof!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Bootsale Pal

Greetings Fergals

After an hour and half at the groomers my humans decided to show me off to the public at a bootsale.  I love bootsales lots of people and lots of canines to meet and greet.  This particular bootsale turned out to be quite special, that's right Fergals I picked this out myself!  I'm not entirely sure my humans had the intention of buying him for me but I whipped it out of a bucket full of forlorn looking softies and decided it was perfect for me.  In case you can't work it out from the photo it's a dog and it reminds me of my good pal buddy so I have named my new softie Bootsale Buddy!   WOOF!

I'll have this one, thank you!

Bootsale Buddy & I have a rest and a drink.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How a Newf cools down!

Hello there!

A few weeks ago you may remember the not very British summer we experienced, and whilst I'm sure many of you were enjoying sunning your hairless bodies, as a Newf I do not like the heat!  I have plenty of fur and black fur at that to keep me warm, so it was imperative that I kept cool.  Imagine how pleased I was when the master arrived home with my very own swimming pool!  OK it isn't really big enough for a proper swim but it's just the right size for paddling.

Slowly does it!

Ooooo cooooool!

I decided to practise my rescuing skills!


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I made the papers!

Hey Fergals

When the sun starts its descent to bed my humans and I love to go for a walk.  It's much cooler this time of day so the three of us are much happier to go out wandering.  As it turns out my humans don't like the heat either, although they should think themselves lucky they don't have a permanent fur coat! 

As most of you are probably aware my mistress likes to snap lots of photos of me for the blog and as a personal log of my achievements, but a few weeks ago she took her photography one step further and made me famous!  Here is a photo of me which appeared in the local newspaper (Bury Free Press).  I think it's my best side!

I'm famous!
 The original snap of me in all it's glory.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A time to rest...

I'm sure many Fergals will agree sometimes you just need to chill out, it's certainly one of my favourite past times, so sit back, relax and enjoy my photos of me not doing very much at all!
 There's always time for a little 'down time' even on a walk!
 Sometimes you just have to kick back your heels.
Resting at my pal's house.
No wonder the humans sleep in here!
Yes, it is comfortable actually!
Even my mistress sits still...sometimes!


Greetings Fergals

This is me looking a little windswept on my new outdoor lead!  This photo was taken in the garden but the lead is mainly for when we go out and about on something called 'picnics'.  These apparently happen when the sun shines (approximately twice a year), and I believe it entails a mad 'hunter gather' dash for cold foods, the grabbing of a blanket and piling into the car to drive to a nice outdoor spot to eat.  Come on sunshine we're waiting!

Finally I was able to go for my first walk outside of the garden, wow!  There were so many new sights and sounds and lots of sniffing to be done.

I'm only allowed short walks as I'm still growing, albeit quickly, but I've been to lots of different places and met lots of different people and canines. 
I've had Buddy walks, ...
  rainy walks, ...
 sunny walks, ...
countryside walks,...
town walks, ...
but my favourite walk...
is around the best pet shop in the UK!  Woof!

Fun and Games

Apologies for not having posted for a while but on the plus side I have lots to share my fabulous Fergals!

One of my favourite toys is my tug-o-jug, it's filled with my lunch or dinner, or sometimes with my favourite treats and makes mealtimes more interesting, and apparently slows me down as sometimes I eat a bit too fast, I can't help it mealtimes our one of my favourite times of day!  It took me a while to work it out but with practice I've become quite clever at it.

I can see the food, hear the food and smell the food now I just need to work out how to get at the food!

This is another one of my new toys (bought for me by a new human pal), here I am sharing it with my best canine pal Buddy.

Here is one of my new human friends with my mistress, spooky how similar they look don't you think?
A Kong filled with puppy meat - nothing can distract me from this!

My big blue ball, although it's not quite so big anymore in fact it's a little flat.  I'm not sure how that happened!

OK so this is not my toy, but my master seems to enjoy playing with it and I didn't see why I shouldn't join in!


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hi Fergals

I've decided to treat you to a second post this week!
This weekend I made some new friends which including two more humans, a little human and a canine pal!  This is Buddy my first canine friend. We spent the afternoon getting to know each other and playing in the garden.  We going to meet again really soon, I'm so looking forward to it. 
'Finally someone who understands
what I'm saying!'
'What do mean, one day he'll be
bigger than me!'

'If you'd like to follow me.'
'Nope, been there, smelt that.'

'Hugs all round!'

'Bear hug!'