Saturday, 9 September 2017

The morning after...

Hello Fergals! 

So last Saturday was Papa Bear's birthday, not a big deal I was thinking, I mean he just gets older and he gets cards and gifts, but that would be much more excitingif I was getting the cards and gifts!

As it turns out I did get a gift.  Hoomans like to drink something called alcohol, my Muma enjoys a small glass of Scotch (apparently it comes all the way from Scotland, seems a long way to go, but Papa usually picks his up from something called a supa market - I'm not sure what's so supa about it.) and Papa Bear drinks something called Beer.  

A few weeks ago they came home from one of the Pet Supa Markets with a bottle and puts it in my cupboard.  For weeks I am spotting it in my treats cupboard just sitting there, I sniffs it a few times and it smells good but it just stays in the cupboard.

Imagine my surprise on Saturday evening when muma asks if I would likes a beer?  Well, I nearly wagged my tail off I can tell you.  

I was even more surprised when she went to my treats cupboard and extracts the bottle, then she makes me pose for silly photo!

Anyhoo it was Wagtastic, it's called Snuffle and I drinks the whole bottle in one sitting.

The next day I is very sleepy because of the excitement from the day before so I doze a lot, which is when Muma Bear took this photo!  

She was so proud of herself, she shows it to Papa Bear and says "Look it's the morning after the night before." and then they both start giggling - haha, very funny - silly hoomans!